Our Story

My son was the inspiration behind Panda’s box. I always wanted to raise my son Arjun, first and foremost, as a good human being with a strong value system. I struggled with introducing the concept of the divine to him at an early age as no tools for this existed.

One day an incredible thing happened! While attending online classes with Arjun, I noticed how enthusiastically he responded to stories of heroes from Hindu folklore; Hanuman ji and his stories on courage; Krishna ji and his naughty tales. He loved the folklore behind various Indian festivals, and that’s what connected the dots for me.

I realized that if I could create a medium for all kids in their early age to create affinity for the idea of God and Godliness and introduce them to the wealth of wisdom from Hindu folklore, I would have found my Ikigai.

Something that would blend my love for parenting with my talent for storytelling and the need of our world for more goodness.
Sukriti Mendiratta
Founder, Panda’s Box