About Us

Our Story

At Panda's Box, our journey is closely tied to the heartwarming story of our founder, Sukriti. Her son, Arjun, has been the main source of inspiration that led to the creation of the brand. Sukriti always wanted to raise her son Arjun as a kind and virtuous person, teaching him strong values. However, she struggled with introducing the concept of the divine to him at an early age as no tools for this existed.

However, fate had something wonderful in store. One day, during Arjun's online classes, she noticed how enthusiastically he responded to stories of heroes from Hindu folklore; Hanuman ji and his stories on courage; Krishna ji and his naughty tales. He loved the folklore behind various Indian festivals, and that’s what connected the dots for her.

She realized that if she could create a medium for all kids in their formative years to create affinity for the idea of God and Godliness and introduce them to the wealth of wisdom from Hindu folklore, she would have found her Ikigai. Something that would blend her love for parenting with her talent for storytelling and the need of our world for more goodness.

Our Vision

At Panda's Box, our vision is to foster a world where every child grows up surrounded by the beauty of their cultural heritage and spiritual wisdom. We aspire to be a guiding light, illuminating the path of goodness and compassion for young hearts, helping them build a strong moral foundation that will last a lifetime.

Our Mission

To create and offer a range of toys and other learning aids that serve as resources and guidance for parents and toddlers to fulfil the vision stated above. Panda's Box believes we can drive a positive influence from an early age. We believe a good grounding & value system can help kids lead a virtuous life.

About The Founder

Before embarking on this journey, Sukriti, the passionate visionary behind Panda's Box, held a prestigious role leading Brand and Marketing Communications at Cosmo Films. She also gained valuable experience working with renowned brands like Hyundai, Revlon, and Sugar Free as part of their brand teams.

Sukriti's pursuit of knowledge led her to achieve an MBA degree from Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, complemented by a BA in Journalism from Delhi University. Beyond her role as an entrepreneur and a loving mother, Sukriti remains a lifelong learner and a seeker of spiritual wisdom.

With sincere dedication, boundless creativity, and a deep sense of purpose, Sukriti continues to pave the way for children to connect with their cultural heritage, nurturing their hearts with love and enlightenment.