Why Our Plush Toys Are Perfect Gift for Your Kids

by Suraj Bisht on Jan 20, 2023

Why Our Plush Toys Are Perfect Gift for Your Kids

Cultural Toys

When we present our children with gifts, we do so in a special manner to convey our deep love and care for them. A meaningful gift goes beyond being a mere object; it carries with it both affection and consideration. An often overlooked choice for gifts could be cultural toys.

Child Development

It is well known that the first few years of a child's life are critical to their development. During this time, the brain develops rapidly, forming connections that will shape how child think, learn, and interacts with the world. Research shows that what a child experiences at an early age can have profound effects later in life, including their cognitive, social, and emotional development.


Numerous scientific studies that have shown the benefits of traditional toys for children's development. One such study conducted by researchers at the University of Sydney found that children who played with cultural toys gained a deeper understanding of their own culture and improved self-esteem. Children who had access to cultural toys, such as traditional musical instruments and dolls, were able to connect with their own cultural heritage and learn more about their own culture, leading to increased self-esteem and enhanced identity.

Plush Toys

We are proud to introduce our collection of cultural toys designed especially for toddlers & young children! Mantra Chanting Baby Ganesha, Baby Krishna, Baby Hanuman and Devi Lakshmi plush toys. These adorable stuffed toys are not just cuddly and a perfect playmates for your child, but they also serve a unique purpose of introducing your children to the concepts of faith, prayer and Indian Mythology & Culture. Each toy comes with a pre-installed sound box that plays the character's prayers/mantras when pressed.

We offer gift wrapping is perfect for those who want to send present to someone without having to worry about wrapping it themselves. Additionally, we also offer express shipping options to ensure that your gift arrives quickly and efficiently.