Connection between Indian mythology and child development

by Sukriti Mendiratta on Oct 02, 2022

Connection between Indian mythology and child development

Indian Mythology and Child Development

Stories play an important role in the overall development of a child from an early age. Specifically, stories from mythology and fairy tales introduce children to a whole new world of heroes, superpowers, magic and life lessons, firing their imagination and inculcating a moral compass.


Panda's Box

Seeing a need gap of making mythology fun for kids, we at Panda’s Box came up with plush toys of some of the most popular & heroic characters from Indian Mythology as we felt children respond best to things that they can touch and feel. To add to their charisma, we added a sound box to the package so that children could get positive vibes from the power of mantras and could also learn some in the process.


Once they get started on the subject, it is easier to keep them interested by reading them stories on mythology from time to time. We have curated a list of books that you can buy for them and help them read. Latching on to the ideas of reading & mythology at an early age can help with both; keeping them away from screens as well as teach them right and wrong.


While schools and colleges would provide them with formal education, we can help our children inculcate good values by reading stories from our mythology. In an increasingly globalized world where children are exposed to many cultures and external influences, it is important that they stay grounded and know their roots. That is why it is now more important than ever that our children know, understand, and relate to our mythology.



1.  My Little Book Of Krishna

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This board book is a perfect choice to introduce kids to Indian mythology. These beautiful books are put together by the Penguin India Editorial team and are well written by Ashwitha Jayakumar. The book has super cute and colorful illustrations. It has minimal text which is written in rhythmic poetic sentences, which makes it super fun to recite and is simple enough for kids to follow and recall. The artwork is very pleasing and attractive. There is also a “find the hidden objects” page which is a joy in itself for the kid.



 2.  Pop Up Shiva by Om Books International

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This is an interactive book with pop-up cut-outs of scenes and characters related to the descriptions related to Shiva on each page. The sentences are not simple but are very informative. For younger kids, we need to read and explain. Slightly older kids, who can read can enjoy and explore the book on their own. A beautifully designed book with detailed and attractive illustrations. A nice addition to the kids' bookshelf and a nice introduction to the god and goddess of Indian mythology.



3.  Cutout Board Books Set: Gods- Krishna, Shiva, Hanuman, Ganesha by Om Books Editorial Team

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Learn more about Krishna, Shiva, Hanuman, and Ganesha through these beautifully illustrated cutout board books. It’s a lovely mix of DIY along with a bit of creativity coupled with a whole lot of learning and fun.



 4.  Amma Tell Me About Series by Bhakti Mathur

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A box set of ten of the books in the ‘Amma Tell Me’ Series. The set includes the following books: 1. Amma Tell Me About Holi! 2. Amma Tell Me About Diwali! 3. Amma Tell Me About Ramayana! 4. Amma Tell Me About Ganesha! 5. Amma Tell Me About Krishna! 6. Amma Tell Me How Krishna Fought The Demons! 7. Amma Tell Me How Krishna Destroyed Kansa! 8. Amma Tell Me About Hanuman! 9. Amma Tell Me How Hanuman Crossed The Ocean! 10. Amma Tell Me About Hanuman’s Adventures In Lanka!




 5.  Scholastic Book of Hindu Gods and Goddesses by Deepa Agarwal

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 Know more about Hindu gods and goddesses, their heroic deeds! With easy-to-understand text this books is perfect for independent readers and also for reading aloud to young children.



 6.  The Mahabharatha: A Child’s View by Samhita Arni

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Indian mythology is incomplete without sharing the epic story of The Mahabharata with your kids. This book by Samhita Arni is just what you need to do! A beautiful narration of the Mahabharata from a child’s point of view will really help them connect with the story and the values.



7.  The Gita And You by Sheila Dhir 

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This book presents eight Kathas that capture the essence of the conversation that took place between Lord Krishna and Arjuna during the Kurukshetra War. The message of each of these Kathas is simplified and conveyed through stories that children can relate to and understand. The stories will help children comprehend the attitude of the people they meet in their everyday life, their own response to them and to life in general. The stories are interspersed with activities to reinforce the message of the Gita.



8.  Ramayan for Children by Om Books Editorial Team

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The story of Lord Ram is one that is filled with excitement and adventure, that helps kids learn about important values and life lessons like friendship, relationships, loyalty, love, family values and more. This children’s book is a great way to get them started!